Emily and Lydia are my twins. I asked them to imagine that Emily had found a real live fairy in the garden and that she was showing it to her sister for the first time.

'The Nature of Learning'
Students approach education in many different ways depending upon their life experiences and their personalities. This painting explores this notion, using some of my ex-pupils as models.
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An expression of my feelings a few years ago. Enough said.
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I painted this picture in acrylics for my Mother's 75th birthday.
Not for sale.
'Two Sarahs'
Two delightful young women came to the Royal Hospital School to teach and left this world tragically early. The image shows two naval caps (called ;gidges' at the school) at the base of a large candle. A shadowy view of the RHS clocktower places the still-life group into context. In memory of Sarah Lee and Sarah Goodenough. It is said that only the good die young. I expect to live at least another 500 years if all goes well. £90

'Amy's Roses'
A study in oils on canvas board 16" x 12" from some roses that my daughter was given.

'Ron and Les'
My father Ron died in December 2009 after a long illness. The painting shows him meeting his father, Les, again.

'Where is Fiona?'
This painting shows my lower 6th Art History group. Fiona is not shown in the picture but she exists in the title.
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'The Shadow Tree'
Humanity is a perplexing phenomenon. Some of the coldest and most distant or even superficially hostile people can surprise us with what lies beneath the surface when we take the trouble to get to know them.
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'Tools with Geese'
This was painted for my Father's 75th Birthday. He loved building and keeping geese.
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An 'en plein aire' study in acrylic of our family fishing contest on the banks of a canal in the midlands near Swinford in 2010.
This painting examines the complex and contradictory relationship that Amy and Charlotte, two sisters, experience.

Matthew and Hannah are brother and sister. This painting represents the stage in their life when they are making the transition from childhood to adulthood.
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Daniel is my youngest son and his relationship with our dog, Gemma, is far from straightforward. They are, of course, friends.
Not for sale.

'Derelict Boats near Orwell Bridge'
I painted this image looking over the river, towards these rusting boats, in acrylic on canvas.
Not for sale.
A second 'en plein aire' study in acrylic of our family fishing contest further along the same canal in the midlands near Swinford in 2011.