'Blue Boat at Holbrook Creek'
This acrylic painting was executed in its entirety in one afternoon as the tide slowly withdrew.

'Clocktower from my Dining Room'
This view of the school clocktower fascinated me for many months so eventually I recorded my impression of it in this large acrylic study which also took several months to complete. The clock had stopped so the time shown does not relate to the time of day depicted.

'Scrivs' was the friendly village shop run by Ian and Sam Scrivener. It was regarded by many as the heart of Holbrook village. Sadly it has closed down, another victim of the recession.
Not for sale.

'A View of School Looking North from the Parade Ground April 2011
A study in acrylics, painted from the bottom of the parade ground early in April 2011.

'A View of the Pavilion and the River Stour, April 2011'.
I painted this picture in acrylics from the bottom of the parade ground looking south towards the river Stour in April 2011.
Purchase price £95.


'Green Farm, Harleston'
A painting in acrylic on canvas commissioned by Indigo Art. December 2011.

1         A view of the Orwell Bridge in Summer 2013
A very large canvas in acrylics and oils capturing a glorious day towards the Orwell Bridge near Ipswich. I couldn't resist the stunning cloud formations.
Purchase price £290

Landscape for Jo
A view of Jo's stunning garden at Lower Holbrook in oils and acrylic on canvas. Spring 2015.

‘Royal Hospital School – The ‘Top Road’ at Dusk’

A view of the top road at RHS as the sun set, looking towards the CCF store. Acrylics on canvas. Purchase price £80

‘Misty Day – The Strand’

A view towards the Orwell Bridge rendered in acrylics with painting knife.

Purchase price £95

This large acrylic painting explores the relationship of tree forms in the context of reflected imagery around them.
Not for sale.

'Bristol Arms - Shotley'
I parked my car behind me while I painted this scene showing the view towards the river in Shotley so that I wouldn't be run over by passing motorists as I sat with my easel in the road.
Purchase price £95.

'Orwell Bridge'
This is a view of the bridge on a blustery autumn day, shown from the field next to Suffolk Food Hall. It is carried out in acrylic.
Purchase price £95.

'A View down the River Orwell from the Bridge April 2011'
A painting in acrylics painted from near the Orwell Bridge looking down the river on 21st April 2011.

'A View of the School Fields from Hood House Summer 2011'
I sat on the bench next to Hood with my eldest daughter and we both painted pictures of the view. Glorious sunshine!

'Traffic Composition 1'
An painting-knife impasto study in acrylic exploring my rain swept windscreen on a car journey.

'Traffic Composition 3'
An impasto painting in acrylics responding to the lights and blurred forms of a motorway scene near London.
Purchase price £70

Cricket at the Royal Hospital School
A view from the old pavilion at RHS towards the main school block as a cricket match took place. I was fascinated by the rich greens of the school field punctuated by the cricket whites and sightscreen and juxtaposed with the powerful clouds moving across the scene. Purchase price £80

Lower Holbrook – A View across the Pond’

Study in acrylics on canvas.

Purchase price £80

'Holbrook Church in Bright Sunshine'

Painting of Holbrook Church 
in Oils and Acrylics 
for Lorna - Spring 2017

'Jetty at Holbrook Creek'
Peter Page built this jetty many, many years ago.

'Holbrook Church'
This painting shows Holbrook church on St George's Day. It is shown from the hedge at the edge of the churchyard.

'Stretton-on-Dunsmore Church from The Paddocks'
This is a study in acrylics on board, from an upstairs window.
Not for sale.

'A View from the Chapel looking East'
A study in acrylics looking east from the RHS chapel on 20th April 2011.
Purchase Price £95.

'A View of Hood House Past Nelson House Summer 2011'
A study in Acrylics on canvas painted en plein air at the start of the summer.

A view of Maldon at the river front in Summer 2013 painted in acrylics.
Not for sale.

'Traffic Composition 2'
This second image in my ‘traffic’ series is also created using a painting knife from photographs obtained in similar fashion. I have tried to capture the play of light in a night time motorway scene near London while exploring the textures achievable through the use of a painting knife. £90

‘Evening Royal Hospital School’

A view of the Royal Hospital School from the golf course one November evening. Acrylics on canvas.

Purchase price £80

‘Trees and Water – Lower Holbrook’

A view in acrylics with painting knife.

Purchase price £90