Have you ever considered commissioning an original and unique work of art from an established and renowned artist like Garry Ravenhall? An original oil or acrylic painting will last for hundreds of years and become a unique family treasure to hand down from generation to generation. You may be surprised at how little it may cost to commission such a work of art.

Garry Ravenhall would be delighted to consider your commission. He has considerable experience of painting portraits of people and animals. He also enjoys landscape painting and would be interested in discussing any ideas with you. All subjects would be considered.

The size of the painting that you choose to commission matters very little. The price of the work will hardly be affected by the scale of the painting. It is just as time-consuming to paint a picture a few inches across as it is to paint one several feet across. The same love, passion, artistic experience and skill is applied whatever the size. A bigger painting simply calls for a bigger paintbrush.

Garry’s paintings are normally two to four feet across but he is happy to paint any size to suit your wishes.

A typical oil or acrylic painting by Garry will cost around £199 and you may commission any size within reason. The main effect on your purse will be the postage and packaging costs.

How to commission a painting

Use the contacts page to send Garry a message. Please include your contact telephone number and an email address if possible.

Explain what you are interested in commissioning and what sort of painting you would like Garry to paint.

Alternately phone Garry on 01473 327207. You can also leave a voice message on this number.

Garry will contact you very soon to discuss your wishes and requirements.

When you are happy with the idea that you have agreed upon Garry will ask you for photographs to work from or arrange for you to come along so that he can take the pictures for you.

At this stage you will be asked to pay a deposit of £50 by cash, cheque or bank transfer

When your painting is completed (it usually takes around three or four weeks to complete a painting) Garry will send you a photograph of your unique work of art and at that stage you will be asked to pay the balance of the commissioning fee, normally around £149. Then you can make arrangements to either collect the work or to have it sent to you by whatever method you prefer.

What could be simpler or more worthwhile?

Typical cost of a painting - £199 

Cost of carriage - dependent upon the size of the painting and your geographical location.