An acrylic study using strong, natural, lateral light.

An acrylic study of a single Collie, using natural light.


An intimate study of these companions using a plain setting and artificial lighting, executed in acrylics.
This is my brother Simon's dog Katie.

'George' December 2016
Acrylic on canvas board.

A deliberately 'mysterious' composition of two cats reflecting the personalities of the sitters.

This composition was created to examine the complex interrelationship that these three cats enjoyed.

A study of a Great Dane shown on a beach to echo its passion, in acrylics.

This large acrylic painting was commissioned by Paul for his wife's 30th birthday.

'Gemma' February 2017. Oils and Acrylic on canvas board (20" x 16") 

One of my favourite studies of a single working dog, using acrylics and strong, natural light.

A naturalistic study of a spaniel in a setting chosen to reflect its life, using acrylics.

'Bruno, Tess and Smoky'
All three friends have sadly passed away now. The picture was painted in acrylic on board using photographs.

‘Gemma on the Sofa’

Gemma resting on the back of the sofa in my living room. Acrylics with painting knife.

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