About Me

Garry Ravenhall has been painting for over 30 years. His work is treasured in homes across the world from the UK to New Zealand. His subjects range from landscapes and portraits to more challenging figure compositions.
Garry graduated from the University of Reading with an honours degree in Fine Art in 1985. He then moved to East Anglia where he has lived ever since; painting the Suffolk countryside and its people. 
He is also a highly respected teacher of Art and Art History, a senior moderator in A level Art and an examiner in Art History.
Most of Garry’s work is painted on canvas or canvas board in oils or acrylics, although some of his smaller work, for example his landscape work from the Yorkshire Dales or the Lake District, is carried out in watercolour on watercolour paper. 
Occasionally pen and wash is used. Garry’s work is largely figurative although he does lean towards semi-abstraction at times. 
Much of his work is painted to commission. The size of the work varies from notebook size for his watercolour studies up to the largest commission he painted for Ipswich Town Hall which was over 15 feet across. 
He specialises in portrait work, including animal studies, and also landscapes but he will consider any reasonable subject.